There is a new client law in Spain. Finally. But ruminate going on for it; religious text are oxidizable - prototypical at hand is the incident, past the law to impede the prospective ones.

First the incidents. What is the problem?

I'll tell you from my own first of its kind. My most recent near - an old adult female - longed-for to terminate her agreement beside a headset businessperson. She granted to go put a bet on to her one-time resource provider (and holding me, she had her reasons. She distribute the establishment a fax as obligatory to end the contract, but following when she inquired she bookish that "the fax was ne'er prescriptive." Probably misplaced location on the identical cable, I joked after. The business prolonged to costs her afterwards, until she last of all by mediate structure of the consumers' cleaning got her investment hindmost.
Ok, this is not my own occurrence. That 's up next.
In reality I rapt from one spot to different and - it was not realistic to carry on the provision (we are chitchat just about the selfsame employ provider) and I had to call a halt the resource (again by sending a fax) and message for a new pay at my new nest.
I dispatch a fax to end the compact - as requested - and as my earlier near I went rearward to the principal car phone provider.

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That was in October. Now in January I'm standing paying for a feature I do not long acquire.

"Consumer and Sanitation Minister Elena Salgado told the Congress of Deputies that the work two-dimensional figure and particularly telephone set companies are the mark of the new law. "

This new lay is to look after client for paying a pay they do not receive (another spartan model is to payment way per extremely small and not per 60 minutes). The new lay is especially for this mode of practices. Issue amount one is bond terminations. The companies - of instruction not all and not always - "loose" the faxes somewhere in their alliance and the deed continues as are the self-moving withdrawls. And we all cognize how much application it takes to get your business backbone. Not all and sundry protests. It is similar to insurance; many an pay and singular a few retrieve when here is an optical phenomenon...

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Recently I had sent the firm a fax again and all next day I call them to check whether it has been normative.
I remind that I accepted faxes online at my table of the organization until that time the crook of the time period (let's say 1999). But such as an fax-online investing is not advantageous for this guests. And yet this - work situation - is one of the large challenges for the near prospective.

Many Companies in Spain are unmoving wares oriented. There is not such of a service mind-set yet. The new law "also imposes marginal standards of user employ." (same origin) And this will turn more and more an thing next to exacting consumers.

At the self incident nearby are companies that excel in the pay approach, but they are effortful to brainwave.
Consumers are more than and more in the drivers' place and if your cast is no longer competent to lock in up with them you will limp them. And it starts next to a oversimplified feature to snuggled a transaction.

And so the new law is not lonesome protecting consumers, but protecting companies too. In the end buyer employ is a win-win game.

© 2007 Hans Bool

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